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Leadership Camps

We are partnered with the National Adventure and Leadership School (NALS) to integrate Leadership Camps into our curriculum.

The main objectives of these camps are:

* Improved punctuality, Self Discipline and Self Control
* Building Self confidence, attitude and self belief
* Enable awareness of team spirit
* Enhance communication and inter personal skills
* Enable problem solving skills and decision making through consensus
* Improved leadership and Survival skills
* Ability to face adversities and challenges head on
* Improved risk taking ability
* Intra and Inter group dynamics
* Cooperation, Coordination to create synergy
* Trust building and bonding
* Retrospective Analysis
* Enhanced awareness of environment and social issues
* Improved humility and concern for fellow human beings


Why Adventure is required for developing leadership and survival skills?


Leadership and survival skills are innate in every human being. For triggering or rekindling leadership and survival skills, one must experience a higher intensity of emotional conflict over a certain period of time.

We can say for sure that training programs have to be tough and of long duration to groom leadership skills. While one cannot put ordinary citizens through the training programs, one can provide similar intensity through adventure.

Further, adventure attracts all human beings as it is challenging and exhilarating. It is important to note that floor level training programs trigger mental activity like problem solving and logic, but they are not sufficient enough to trigger natural instincts buried inside an individual.

Hence, NALS delivers program objectives through exciting adventure activity in addition to floor level activities.

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