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About Us: List

Our school is situated in a spectacular location in the northern part of Namakkal district. This is an ideal place for living out the ethos of allowing children to be children. There is no rush to grow up here, but the foundations are laid for nurturing the resilience of our children to achieve high standards through unrivalled activity programs and around the clock personal care. In addition to more than 20 sports, pupils have immediate access to numerous outdoor and indoor pursuits, by this process, we incubate a sense of success and achievement in every one of our children. With the 21stCentury learning environment, our grade 2 students will work confidently with iPads and the older children have access to outstanding Digital Interactive Classrooms, Modernized Computer, Science & Math's Laboratories, with teachers who are no strangers to programming, explosions, dissections & calculations. 


Facilities are world-class which include Air Conditioned Classrooms, Audio Visual Theatre, Tennis, Basketball & Badminton Courts, Hygienic Food Court & 4 Acre Outdoor PlayGround.By balancing both classroom and outdoor learning environment, we are developing and expanding the infrastructure regularly. 


We are excited by the curiosity and thirst for learning that each child, regardless of their academic ability is actively taught to ‘own’ their learning because all our teachers plan their lessons using three strands – Discovering, Applying and Communicating. This encourages our children to use what they have learnt, to create their own ideas which are then communicated to their peers.  The end result is the celebration of learning – a reward in its own right.


Our Mission

To achieve excellence in learning both within and beyond the classroom by providing high-quality education within an international, inquiring and supportive environment. We seek to inspire students and provide them with the necessary skills to fulfil their unique potential and become a responsible global citizen.


  Our Vission

At PPS we are committed to create and maintain a safe, friendly and child centered environment where students are inspired to become lifelong learners by offering an exceptional teaching & learning environment. Providing the tools, experiences and guidance needed to awake each child’s full and unique potential.



We aim to maintain a school ethos of excellence in teaching, achievements, innovation, creativity and self-improvement within a supportive, healthy and secure environment. Our goal is to deliver a balanced and holistic education program based on the values of the Indian Education System by integrating the latest technologies.


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